Overview over the drawing instruments made by Wild Heerbrugg

This page will give you a overview of the drawing instruments produced between 1942 - 19972 by Wild Heerbrugg.

Please note: dating of drawing instruments is not possible because they were not serialized. But small changes will indicate whether it was a early or later versions. 

This list is not necessarily complete, but there are all versions to see that I know. If you have any additiona sets please let me know.

Pictures taken out of a early catalogue from 1942

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WILD Compasses are not merely chromium plated. They are made of chromium containing stainless steel. Stainless steel is five times more resistant than Brass or German Silver. Even perspiration and eraser particles, which so quiekly turn any other metal drab can not discolor chromium steel. The instruments always retain their beauty. The new design of the WILD Compasses affords quicker and more accurate settings because, as the opening of the eompass is set, thanks to the eareful adjustment or the leg articulation, there is materal play or backlash.

The WILD drawing pens are hardened by a speeial process. They are finished to such a high degree of precision that very fine or heavy lines can be drawn at will without any scratching or cutting, with a perfectly even flow of the ink. The handles are aluminium anodized, and can therefore resist tropieal climates. The cases are of pressed metal.

Pictures taken from newer sets out of my collection

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  • Wild RZ22
    Wild RZ22 newer style box
  • Wild RZ boxen
    Wild RZ boxen Wild boxen für RZ20 - RZ30 - RZ40 - RZ270/280
  • Wild RZ31
    Wild RZ31 newer style box
  • Wild RZ60
    Wild RZ60 older style box
  • Wild RZ21 "Prototype"
    Wild RZ21 "Prototype" only two example known ... probabely prototypes from 1972
  • Wild RZ60
    Wild RZ60 new style box
  • Wild RZ20
    Wild RZ20 older style box with old style logo plate
  • Wild RZ40
    Wild RZ40 new style box
  • Wild RZ10
    Wild RZ10 variouse nuwer plastic sets in different colors
  • Wild RZ31A
    Wild RZ31A newer style box
  • Wild RZ10
    Wild RZ10 variouse older leather sets
  • Wild RZ30
    Wild RZ30 newer style box
  • Wild RZ40
    Wild RZ40 older style box without lable and new seald box
  • Wild RZ20 - RZ 21 - RZ22 - RZ23
    Wild RZ20 - RZ 21 - RZ22 - RZ23 3x new 1x old style box
  • Wild RZ280
    Wild RZ280 grosser Federeinsatzzirkel
  • Wild RZ270
    Wild RZ270 grosser Federzirkel mit Spitzen
  • Wild RZ pamplet
    Wild RZ pamplet each box contains such a sheet
  • Wild RZ40
    Wild RZ40 new style box
  • Wild RZ23
    Wild RZ23 newer style box
  • Wild RZ31
    Wild RZ31 newer style box
  • Wild RZ32
    Wild RZ32 newer style box

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